ZMM Bulgaria Holding is a well-recognized manufacturer of universal and CNC lathe machines and all related parts and accessories. We belong to the family of Industrial Holding Bulgaria – a leading industrial group in the country that operates mainly in the maritime transport, ship building and repair, port operations, and machine building sectors.

ZMM Bulgaria Holding has a production history exceeding 70 years. The Holding was established in 2001 to manage several production facilities around the country. One of the major advantages of our brand stems from the fact that we are engaged in every step of the manufacturing process and are thus able to ensure the accuracy and guaranteed longer life of the machines. We own a foundry, gear wheels manufacturing factory and another factory where machines are assembled.

Products manufactured in the facilities of ZMM Bulgaria Holding include:
 Conventional lathes and conventional lathes with variable spindle speed control: DBC from 500mm up to 10 000mm and swing over bed from 325mm up to 1 410mm.
 CNC lathes: DBC from 885mm up to 6 000mm and swing over bed from 580mm up to 1 320mm.
 Conventional oil country lathes and CNC oil country lathes: DBC from 1 500mm up to 6 000mm and swing over bed 800mm and 1 020mm.
 High quality gray cast iron castings, with single weight from 50kg to 10 000kg and castings of nodular cast iron with single weight up to 5 000kg, with high degree of complexity.
 Spur and helical gears, axis and shafts, меtalcutting machine units, chip-conveyors
 Spare parts.

While our machines are very popular in Bulgaria, we ship more than 95% of our output outside the country and have established the ZMM Bulgaria brand to be a guarantee for reliability and quality.
Our lathe machines work to the full satisfaction of clients in more than 80 countries worldwide. We work with a network of dedicated local dealers, who assist clients in the process of selection and purchase of the machines. Each machine is manufactured considering the needs of the particular client and the geographical area where it will operate.


37A Prof. Fridtjof Nansen Str., fl.8,
1142 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: (+359 2) 980 12 38; 981 07 53; 980 15 06
Fax: (+359 2) 981 43 14