Prim 41 is Passports, ID cards and Driver license reading company and digitizing data input process by encrypted transfer data into PMS/CRM since 2006.

  • 100% accurate data entry
  • Fast – 2-3 sec
  • No need of any manual input data into PMS/CRM
  • No need to provide an interface to PMS/CRM
  • Compatible with following PMS/CRM – Hotels, Business, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Rent a car, Government, Border control with Authentication
  • Specially in Bulgaria 80 % of the hotels (5*, 4*, 3*) use out Digitizing data input software and hardware

In Covid 19 situation we can help hotels meet new standards in safe distancing and reducing surface contact, with contactless check-in entry options able to maintain guest feelings of safety while regaining their sense of trust. Self-service is becoming increasingly valued by a generation of travelers seeking greater convenience and flexibility.

On a base of our last innovation developments in Covid 19 we can offer you 4 scenarios for contact-less check-in to apply Passports, ID cards and DL reading OCR technology, on a base of:

  1. Desktop USB Readers/Scanners,
  2. Mobile OCR solutions – with double encrypted transfer data (GDPR Compliant) to PMS/CRM – fast, 100 % correct and chip innovation solutions:
    • Mobile App for Passports , ID cards reading
    • Tablet with preinstalled App for “self check in” in a lobby, in rooms for VIP visitors, at airport by tour-operators.
    • WEB based OCR solution

Hotel guests who have made a reservation are provided with a link by the e-mail. Starting the provided link on a base of Mobile Browser, WEB Cloud OCR is performed and the data are sent (encrypted) to the hotel and then upon arrival to the PMS/CRM.

For more information do not hesitate to request for more technical and price information.


Peter Dimitrov-CEO

Mob. + 359 878183670

“Primorsky” 41 Blvd,
Varna 9000